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Complete Canine Training Solutions Complete Canine Training Solutions


Behavioural Consult Includes
One on One consult. Highest levels of ongoing support
Clock One on one behavioural assessment
  • Qualified behavioural practitioner
  • Expert advice delivered in a manner that you understand
  • Personal recovery plan for you and your dog
  • Ongoing support in person, by phone or by text
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One on one dog training Includes
One on One Training.
Dog’s Lifetime FREE Telephone Consult Service.
Clock One on one dog training
  • Personalised training and/or behavioural modification programs for you and your dog
  • Canine nutritional guidance
  • At your home or in your area
  • Building the dog/human relationship
  • Obedience, crate training, loose leash walking and much, much more
  • Priority access to group training sessions
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Puppy School Includes
One on One Training
Clock Puppy School
  • Puppy must be fully immunised, with proof
  • Learn the basics of bringing a puppy into your home
  • Learn the basics of training a puppy
  • Dealing with behavioural issues
  • Health and nutritional advice
  • Entry into a private puppy group with access to Abigails Diary
  • Next Puppy Class: 26 June - 24 July 2022
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Dog Socialisation Includes
Dogs of all ages welcome at group training
Clock Dog Socialisation
  • Calm, controlled, on lead, dog socialisation
  • Confidence building for owner and dog
  • Dog walking with confidence
  • Dogs of all ages welcome
  • At least one session to ensure a minimum standard of control of the dog before joining the group session
  • Located in Forrestfield
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Need specific advice, help or training services with your dog?
We’re here to help. Contact CCTS on 0400 818 711 now.
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One-On-One Sessions

On-On-One Sessions On-On-One Sessions

Meet Rob

In 2015 my young dog Bear was demonstrating reactivity towards other dogs. Despite extensive training with two local companies Bear’s issues were still unresolved. Wanting a better life for my dog I begin educating myself and in a short space of time was able to all rectify all reactivity. So much so that Bear now works as a cognitive behaviour therapy dog to help other reactive dogs for our company.

I believe that the difference between a good trainer and a great trainer is strong and quantifiable foundation of knowledge and experience. Which is why I hold a Diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour and one in Canine Health & Nutrition from The British College of Canine Studies plus other qualifications in Dog Training and Psychology as well as canine first aid.

Dealing with aggressive or unwanted dog behaviours can be challenging for owners but with a little expert help and some dedication from the owner these behaviours can be corrected.

Take advantage of our FREE 15 minute phone consultation by clicking the button below.


Pauline R.

Rob has worked with Odin and myself with caring, patients and humour. Odin is responding so well as I’m gaining confidence and techniques in managing his insecurities and playfulness! I have and will continue to recommend Complete Canine Training Solutions!

Ebbi T

Rob has been nothing but amazing with myself and my new rescue dog, Butterscotch. He’s been extremely patient with us and has provided me with the tools I need to help her. With Rob’s ongoing help and guidance, I know that I can provide Butterscotch the love and home she didn’t have before.


Nisha N.

Partner and I have had a Pug for five years before getting a Rottie pup in the picture. First time managing a dog close to my weight and wanted to be confident in being able to manage him both at home and outside of home.

We have learnt something from Rob every session we’ve had with him – from using the right leads, commands, behavior management advice, and even diet recommendations. Everything we’ve learnt we will be implementing for the rest of our current and future dogs’ lives; hence, our sessions with Rob have been invaluable to us.

Rob told us when he felt we had come to the end of our learning journey with him which we appreciated.

We would both highly recommend Rob (and in fact, have already) to anyone in need of assistance with training their dog.

Lisa G.

Was feeling a bit lost about my ability as a dog owner when I went through some fear issues with my young Rottweiler. Rob helped me back on track and gave me the tools I needed to retrain myself and give my Rottie and in-fact my 3 Goldie’s the best owner.

Rob makes training very fun and easy. I highly recommend him to anyone I see needing help.

Sheila F.

Very professional, knowledgeable and understanding to needs. I now have a different dog when walking. Well done Rob and thank you once again.

Jenna W.

We engaged Rob after adopting a 4 year old rescue dog who was terrible at walking on a leash and also address some leash reactivity. We’ve had 2 sessions so far; 1 mainly teaching me how to walk the dog. It’s still a work in progress for us both but Robs knowledge is outstanding and I’m already feeling so much more confident and happy with our progress. If I need assistance I’ll msg Rob and he’s so quick to respond. Through time, practice and a couple more sessions I have full confidence that we will be able to combat our issues.

Cailin F.

We can’t recommend Rob highly enough!🥇We have made more progress with our 2 dogs in one month, than we did with our previous trainers in over a year! After 3 x 1-2-1 sessions (which was really building our own confidence up, rather than the dogs) we have now moved on to group classes and we continue to see improvements weekly. Big thanks from the 4 of us!!

Kim T.

I most certainly support Robs methodology in canine/owner behavioural change, Robs skill, my homework and Henrys engagemet has resulted in a calmer disposition all round (although Rob was pretty calm from the start). I am under no illusion this is a lifetime commitment but that’s why I have a dog in my life. Looking forward to our big lap road trip more than ever! Thanks Rob see you at the park on a Sunday very soon with Henry.

Kelly M.

Called upon Rob to assist us in some training for our 4yr old cavoodle. After first visit, we have seen a huge improvement in our dogs behaviour and temperament.
Rob is nonjudgemental, provides honest feedback and is more than happy to answer any questions, even by phone.
Highly recommend Rob.

Paige L.

Best. Trainer. Ever!

Rob saw Buddy last year and wow what an improvement we saw! Buddy is not the same puppy we saw before he saw Rob. Before we couldnt even walk him on the lead, Rob came to our house and gave us the tools we needed to train Buddy. Buddy is now over in Melbourne and we still recieve awesome advice from Rob over the phone.
Thankyou Rob 🐶👍🏻

Dani B.

Totally worth travelling 40 hours cross country for! Thanks for fitting us in 😀 Great balanced training working on what was asked PLUS pointing out a few things that need tweaking – couldn’t ask for more!

Liz M

Thanks to Rob at Complete Canine Training Solutions, our beautiful rescue dog Keira is a much less anxious dog around people and other dogs. After only 1 session we could see a change and after 4, she is well on her way to being a completely balanced and adjusted dog. Rob always gave great tips and truly understands a dog psyche and we understood that a lot of the training was really for us 😄My husband & I would highly recommend using CCTS for anyone that needs some assistance with their fur babies!!

Jaye M.

After only 1 session with Rob, we noticed a positive improvement when engaging with our two dogs. He is very informative, makes you feel comfortable to ask any questions and provides honest feedback.
We continued to have Rob’s assistance for a couple more sessions and only have good things to say. Our dogs have had improvements with calmer behaviour, loose lead walking and impulse control. Rob also went above and beyond by committing extra time and using his own dog one-on-one to help one of our dogs further. For the first time, we feel optimistic about what we can achieve after his expert advice and training. We look forward to continued training and seeing our results develop. Thanks Rob!!

Rebecca R.

100% recommend Rob. After 1 session with my large rescue boy he has given me the tools to walk him confidently and comfortably, control his attention seeking barking and use his crate training more effectively. He was also available to give me advice over the phone. Fantastic and friendly service! Thank you!!

Paul K

Rob has really helped us with our beautiful dog Stella, who was constantly pulling on the lead. we had tried 2 other dog trainers spending x amounts of money with no results. but after just 1 group session with Rob she was walking better and pulling less on lead. Rob is very patient and he explains things really well and his advice is invaluable . I can’t recommend complete canine training enough

Eleanor P.

Rob has been to work us and Baxter twice now and the immense improvement in just those two sessions is unbelievable!

Baxter is a rescue Dobermann X with a lot of anxiety and it definitely comes out on walks and makes it difficult to walk him. Even just the first session with Rob and the change in Baxter’s whole demeanour from tense and anxious to relaxed and reassured by us is amazing. I honestly can not recommend Complete Canine Training Solutions enough as they’ve been instrumental in helping get our best friend to the best he can be.

Thanks so much!!

Gabby W.

Highly recommend Rob. Very knowledgeable and professional. With just one session now our 5 month old Rottie is walking a lot better on the lead.

Robbie M.

Rob is an absolute top bloke with the love and knowledge for dogs that will blow you away. Fantastic in the way he carries himself, couldn’t be happier with the service.

Claudia R.

I like to support and share small businesses that i believe in and I could not recommend Rob from Complete Canine Training Solutions enough!

He came for a consult last night for Fyfey. He has major separation anxiety issues to work on and obedience.

Rob helped us heaps in the hour that he was here. We’re very confident with lots of hard work put in by us, that Fyfey will get better, to be more calmer and obedient!

Very rare to find a trainer who cares generally cares about helping the dog more than the money. Rob is very affordable!

Thanks Rob 👍

Di. O

I had a bad experience with a positive therapy trainer and rang Rob as a last resort for my puppy, Madigan.

Rob stepped in and in the first 1 hour session he had Madi doing things that the positive trainer couldn’t do in 3 months.

I will forever be grateful to Rob for not only training Madigan, but training me, and giving me my confidence back to train Madigan in between sessions.

Thankyou from the bottom of mine and Madigan’s hearts!

Meags B.

I can only say thank you so much to Rob. I had a reactive Rotti who with Rob teaching me has now given me the confidence to be able to walk Bronson by myself and he is getting so much better. I learnt so many things and so did Bronson. Rob thank you for your time and effort and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a bit of help. Thank you again and again

Vicki C.

It is an absolute pleasure to recommend Complete Canine Training Solutions. I have a 7yr labrador, Hugo, who was very, very leash reactive and would bark incessantly at everyone and anything. Before going to Rob I had tried 4 different trainers who were no help at all. One told me he was untrainable, one very obviously didn’t like him and the others didn’t know what to do with him. In a very short space of time Rob now has Hugo (and me!) walking nicely on the lead and joining in the class – no barking or lungeing at other dogs. I can’t thank Rob and Ash enough for their help and encouragement and the wonderful results achieved with Hugo. Thank you.

Trese D.

Rob from CCTS, is located at Forrestfield and I would highly recommend him!.

He has solved our energetic pup troubles and he is kind, generous and a very enthusiastic bloke!
Rob is reliable, straightforward, honest, great character and easy going.

He is very neat, he shows his professionalism in handling our pup.
I wouldn’t go anywhere else but Rob, it is way to go!👌

Kelly C.

The group sessions showcase the importance of human education towards being responsible for a pet with emphasis on behavior of both human and dog. It is both rewarding and encouraging to be involved with the group. I highly recommend to all people especially previous pet owners like myself!
Thank you to this informative team for your passion and dedication 🙂

Caitlin G.

Rob has helped us tremendously after we adopted our beautiful Ridgeback X, who was scared and fearful of anyone.

Within the very first session, Rob was able to pat and walk Peanut on the lead without pulling.

We have been able to integrate everything we were taught and can now say with confidence how far Peanut has come!

Petra K.

Ziggy was rescued by us about 4 months ago and we don’t think he had a lot of socialisation as he was dog reactive upon first meetings and it has been getting steadily worse (making walks less enjoyable).

We have attended 2 sessions and already I am seeing a positive change in him. He is focusing more on me and less on other dogs.

Rob explains things really well and his advice is invaluable. We will be continuing to go as the group classes are excellent for Ziggy to get exposure to other dogs in a controlled setting, with great training tips for me (and him)!

Thanks for doing this Rob and Aisling. This is exactly what my little guy needed

Tanya C.

We adopted Bane in September last year with little lead manners, very basic commands and some reactivity issues with other dogs. Since working with Rob and learning a lot as owners, Bane is well behaved on a loose lead, has improved and added to his commands and is making progress in overcoming his reactivity to other dogs. Thanks for all your help! 

Sharon R.

Can’t recommend Rob & Aisling enough. Love the group sessions. Having a dog that was super anxious around groups of dogs and people, one session had her joining in, 5 sessions has her eager, happy & relaxed. She is much easier to walk and I have learnt so much. Fabulous

Donna M.

Rob provided me with invaluable advice and lessons on getting my 2 x Rottweiler dogs in to the way of becoming great indoor dogs. They had gone from being outdoor dogs who had never been on leads (we lived on a property) to well behaved, well-mannered lead walkers in a residential area! I cannot believe how quickly we made the changes, he certainly can teach an old dog new tricks!

Phil H.

Rob has done wonders with the girls, they’re so much calmer and relaxed! Can’t recommend Rob highly enough!

Alix M.

I approached Rob recently as I have been having troubles with my pup barking and whining during the day when we aren’t home. Rob spent considerable time providing advice and going through a whole list of possible solutions. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Jessi K.

Rob has worked with our GSD and within one lesson we could already notice a difference. I feel confident walking her knowing she won’t drag me along! Highly recommend Rob and I look forward to more lessons with him in the near future! Thanks again Rob.

George S.

Rob is extremely dedicated and reliable. A trustworthy individual with a vast knowledge in this field his patience and teaching of both dogs and their owners is nothing short of outstanding. I have used Rob in the past and we achieved real results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob for all your canine training needs and his follow up advice and support is invaluable.

Leonie H.

During the time we have had Rob train our Rotti Lulu, he has been very patient, knowledgeable and answered all our questions regarding dogs. He is passionate about training dogs and ensuring we have the best relationship possible with Lulu. Rob is professional, reliable and flexible around accommodating our needs in regards to training our dog. Highly recommend!

Karl H.

Had some good advice from Rob about how to stop my husky from howling when left on her own. I followed his advice and so far so good, the howling has gone from constant to next to nothing and now the last time we went out no howling at all. So thanks for your advice mate it really is appreciated, thankyou.

(Library image as client is overseas)

Rachel C.

I adopted a rescue dog Creed who is a 2yr old American bull Mastif X we didn’t know much about his past and soon discovered that he had little to no training or socialisation Creed quickly became a very loyal and much loved family member….. we have had a few challenges along the way but without Rob we wouldn’t have been able to overcome them … Creed can now walk on a loose lead with any family member … has learned to ignore other dogs on our walks and waits patiently until we tell him he can have his food and not rush into it Creed also now has manners and doesnt bowl us over going through the door rather waits until human family members go through first …. thank you for everything Rob !!!!

Anna S.

Our girl Nova 10 month GSD came to us 2 months ago with a couple of very cheeky habits. Rob has been working with us these past few weeks to improve our confidence with Nova’s lead walking, behavioural correction and jumping & mouthing. After each session, we have walked away feeling confident with our new found skills and celebrating the small wins from each session. Rob has such a warm personality which shines through with his passion to teach not only our pup but mum and dad too! We have been very happy with CCTS and nothing is more rewarding when you see your pups smile when they have mastered a new skill and made a new friend. Thank you Rob!

Fiona S.

Can completely recommend Rob, our dogs were fearful of other dogs and wanting to bite every single one of them. Rob taught us how to manage them in a pack but also has taught me to relax as an owner so my fear isn’t transferred straight to the dog. Best dog trainer ever!

Claire G.

Rob has been a great help with our adopted Jack Chi, Lola. She is 1 1/2yrs old and we are her 3rd home. We needed a little guidance to help her with boundaries with our cats, loose lead manners and help with her impulse control. Rob is very patient and always has the dogs best interest in mind. Lola is now a much calmer dog and has come such a long way in the last 6 weeks. Rob has also given us the tools to continue Lola’s training and face any problems that may arise. Robs knowledge and experience clearly shines through and has been a great help to both Lola and ourselves as a family.

Mary P.

Rob has been really great in helping to regain my confidence while walking my dog, after experiencing a dog attack. I have also had 2 training lessons with Rob to deal with my dog’s barking and disobedience issues and I would highly recommend his services.
Thanks Rob, you’ve been a great help and I will see you at the next dog walk

Ann L.

Had a 2 hour session with Rob to help with our newly turned 1yr old American bull dog X American Staffy.
Mainly lead and recall issues… we were using a harness but now have a brilliant new short lead from Rob as Lochie was a lot better using this. Thank you Rob.
Lochie did recall pretty much straight away … proving me wrong lol … we are now going to work on him NOT invading our space also with his high pitched puppy bark that he does. Thank you for all the training tips and homework which will most definitely be carried out every day.
Thank you also for coming down all this way to help us out. Greatly appreciated … anyone that has issues give Rob a call he will have you sorted in no time. 5*🐾🐾

Ed. L

We did 6 sessions with Rob, taking our labradoodle puppy through each of the levels. As cute as our puppy is, he was a terror on a leash which was disheartening and frustrating. By the end of the 6 sessions he was a dream on a leash and had mastered most of the commands. Rob was flexible with his teaching style and we know we can call on him for advice in the future. Thank you Rob!

Nikki J.

Would 100% recommend Rob and his services! What a difference!

In about 15 minutes my dog went from pulling to the full length of her lead, to walking by my side. By the end of the walk she was loose lead walking with nearly no correction at all.

We chatted throughout the walk and he gave me additional tips and tricks on different impulse control games I can do with my dog and just general advice on how to build a better relationship with her.

Very lovely fella, on time and full of knowledge! 🙏 Thank you!

Emiley T.

100% recommend Rob, he has worked with me and my 11 month old suburban Kelpie. Ozzie has made major improvements in all aspects, from on leash to off leash, to greeting people at the front door.

Tracey S.
Positive: Punctuality, Responsiveness, Value

Rob was so professional and friendly. He explained things in simple terms so that it made sense and was very patient with us. We had a adopted 8 year behaving around another dog in less than an hour. We will be back and look forward to learning more.

Jaz M.

Had a meet and greet . Very professional, straight to the point, but someone I felt comfortable enough with to trust my dog with. Can’t wait for lessons to begin

Ren B.

After noticing my Red Heeler Leroy had become fear aggressive towards other dogs, I knew something had to change. Rob has been working with Leroy for only a short period of time and the results speak for themself. Leroys behaviour towards other dogs has improved remarkably. His recall and decision to walk by my side on a loose lead is something I didn’t realise could be achieved so quickly. Thank you Rob for your knowledge, patience and training techniques. Very effective!

Nicole G.

Brilliantly friendly team who are absolute dog lovers. I took a happy social puppy to antagonise the rest of the dogs and everyone was brilliant and we had some laughs but more impotantly some great learnings. Team go above & beyond to make sure all the dogs are getting what they need, including care. Very informative and looking forward to the next lesson.

Trese D.

Rob from CCTS, is located at Forrestfield and I would highly recommend him!.

He has solved our energetic pup, troubles and he is kind, generous and very a enthusiastic bloke!
Rob is reliable, straightforward, honest, great source of character and easy going.

He is very neat, he shows his professionalism in handling with our pup.
I wouldn’t go anywhere else but Rob, it is way to go!👌

Ell K.

100% recommend Rob. Very knowledgeable friendly and professional. After just 1 session our dog Frank was already walking so much better on the lead. Can really tell Rob is in this profession for the love of dogs! We have a lot more work and effort to put in with Frank to get him behaving how we want him to, but Rob has given us the tools and confidence to go forward. Will be joining him at his group sessions in the near future. Thanks again for your time!

Chane D.

Rob came out for an assessment of our Kelpie/Border Collie and provided the eduction we needed to help make our girl as happy and healthy as she can be. Jess is a changed dog and loves her daily walks and herding sheep! She’s adapted to the changes we’ve made almost instantly. We’re so happy that she’s happy. Contact Rob for any of your dog related needs, he’s the best.




Complete Canine Training Solutions is a veteran-owned and operated company.

We offer one on one and group dog training/socialisation, either at your home or in your area and will travel anywhere from Mandurah to Quinns Rock.

We are Canine Behaviour Practitioners who prescribe to a balanced system of life to help you help your dog. Our aim is to provide all dogs the opportunity to live in a loving home, by guiding their owners on how they can provide everything their dog needs to have the best life possible, in a safe, controlled, disciplined and holistic manner.

We prefer to spend that little bit more time getting to know you and your dog and build a unique and individual one on one dog training plan.

One on one sessions

Where there are unwanted behaviours such as pulling on the leash, reactivity to people, dogs traffic or other stimuli, stealing, begging, digging, excessive barking, anxiety or other behaviours we can help.

After meeting with you and your dog to assess the unwanted behaviour(s) a recovery plan will be discussed with you and agreed upon.

Often one session is all it will take to correct these issues, followed by some work and dedication from you the owner. However, we do recommend a consolidation session for both you and your dog to ensure the recovery plan has been completed successfully.

If further lessons are needed a comprehensive and individual recovery plan can be produced for you to work with.



Rob is a fully qualified canine behavioural practitioner who holds a Diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour and one in Canine Health & Nutrition from The British College of Canine Studies plus other qualifications in Dog Training and Psychology and canine first aid.

After careers in the British Military and the Emergency Services Rob committed to a change of lifestyle and career to become a full-time canine behavioural practitioner and dog trainer. He has worked with two companies in Perth as a dog trainer and therapy dog handler. Rob founded Complete Canine Training Solutions in January 2019.

At CCTS we believe that a strong and quantifiable foundation of knowledge is the difference between a good trainer and a great trainer.

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